6 miles from trailhead. It kept the flow from Golden Trout Creek westward to the Kern River. This lake has been suggested to receive pure strains of Goldens.Hidden Lake: 6 acre lake at an elevation at 10,850. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used. The nearest trailhead is Horseshoe Meadow in the Golden Trout Wilderness, which offers two routes to Lower Soldier Lake. Some believe that an accidental aerial drop of rainbows fingerlings may have been the culprit. The trail follows the creek through Mulkey Meadows, then you'll need to follow the creek down to the SF Kern. Years ago seed fish were collected from Cottonwood Lakes. However, 100% pure strains were found within Volcano Creek and these populations are being protected from further intrusions. 5.8 miles from trailhead. Others are more colorful, but not many. through Nov. 15. Goldens were transplanted into Mulkey Creek, then Cottonwood Creek and, subsequently Cottonwood Lakes. that pic with the golden trout on b&w is fantastic. Often dangerously covered with snow, it is the shortest route to 14,000 foot Mt. Mulkey Creek: About 5 miles from Cottonwood Trailhead over Mulkey Pass. The Cottonwood Lakes trail passes through more open country with views of Mount Langley. to fishing in 1998. 4.6 miles from trailhead.Consists of Golden Hybrids. Langley. Consists of Golden Hybrids. Caught 14 brook trout and one surprising brown trout in about 2 hours fishing. In fact, much of the South Fork of the Kern River is only accessible to the dedicated outdoorsmen who are willing to ride in by horseback. (Watch in 1080p) I took my oldest son Dillon up to Cottonwood Lakes for an overnight backpacking/fishing hike in the Sierras. Looking back at Mineral King The Little Kern Golden Trout ( O. mykiss whitei ) is the seco... All images and text are protected by copyright and property of the autor. Cottonwood Lakes Trail. Creekside trails offer views of wild trout, brown creepers, mountain bluebirds, and other songbirds. the Sierras. Print/PDF Map. The Cottonwood Lakes Trail begins in Golden Trout Wilderness. The lakes had been off-limits to Muir Lake from the old Cottonwood Trailhead. These lakes, along with Cottonwood Creek, are home to healthy populations of California golden trout. Trout from Mulkey Creek and introduced them to Cottonwood Creek. Sunscreen, a hat and rain gear are recommended. These lakes, along with Cottonwood Creek, are home to healthy populations of California golden trout. From Lone Pine, drive west on Whitney Portal Road 3.5 miles to Horseshoe Meadow Road and turn left. The Cottonwood Lakes are home to California's state fish, the Golden Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita). Consists of Golden Hybrids. Cottonwood Lakes is a lake located just 11.5 miles from Lone Pine, in Inyo County, in the state of California, United States, near Whitney Portal, CA. 13 of these fish were transported to Cottonwood Creek in 1876. Falls. Cottonwood Lakes Basin is above Golden Trout Camp. Fly-fishermen will be tempted to stay for a long time, but the opportunities for exploration are as abundant as the trout. Gateway to the Cottonwood Lakes and Golden Trout Wilderness. 4.3 miles from trailhead. While there are 5 lakes, in order to preserve the headwater source of the eastern slope Golden Trout, they only open in a rotation that changes every year. May consists of Goldens but is now managed as "fishless" by DFG.Cottonwood Creek: Spring Creek with pockets and pools. Records show that Cottonwood Creek was fishless until 1876 when Colonel Sherman Stevens brought 12 Golden Trails are numerous around Cottonwood Lakes. Once you reach Cottonwood Lakes, you will have traveled about six miles from the trailhead. Largest brookies were 12-14" inches with the brown measuring 15". The creek has about 14 miles of fishable water from just below Rocky Basin Lakes at 10,500 feet to above Volcano Falls hard (1) Length: 63.3 mi • Est. Share. The current trail may not match some older maps. The best fishing is from the campgrounds at the power house intake to the end of the road. Golden Trout Creek was instrumental in providing the brood stock of most Goldens planted throughout Most of the recent effort by DFG is to ensure the genetic integrity of the Golden Trout by protecting their native habitat from intrusions by other species. Cottonwood Lakes Golden Trout 5 There are two ways to reach Cottonwood Creek, either from the West, where one may start from Visalia, and follow the Kaweah River up to its South fork, and along this until one reaches the end of the road some forty miles from the railroad. 10 trout in possession. Only artificial lures with barbless hooks may be used. This is a prime side option for Whitney & Southern High Sierra packing. Ride to Cottonwood Lakes to fish, hike or photograph the area. Unfortunately, pure Genetic strains within Cottonwood Lakes has been lost due Who hiked that in. Tanuki rod is a fixed-line rod. Here’s the lake. forks that extend about 5 miles from 9700 feet to 8300 feet elevation. Cottonwood Lakes' golden trout attract many anglers. Whitney Pack Trains, offers riding and hiking trips originating at Cottonwood Pack Station. Cottonwood Lakes / Horse Camps Cottonwood Pass – 11,200′ Cottonwood Lakes Campground, Golden Trout Campground & Horseshoe Meadows Campground… all next to Mount Whitney. The usual start point for the hike to the Cottonwood Lakes is from the northernmost loop of the Cottonwood Lakes Campground, at road's end, though a quieter, rarely-used alternative is from a verge about one mile back, as the road makes a 90 degree bend where it crosses Cottonwood Creek; a faint path begins a little way east of the bridge, first passing through a gate and fence marking the edge of … I like to fish on the lakes inlet/ outlet for a few reasons. Reservations: Wilderness permits may be reserved up to 6 months in advance at recreation.gov: Rentals & Guides: Cottonwood Pack Station is located at Horseshoe Meadows. Set Up: 8'0" Medium Action Cane 8ft 4wt rod made my me. other from the Cottonwood Trail where the 6th lake is a more strenuous climb to 11,600'. The three distinct species of rainbow trout Native to the Southern Sierra are called Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita, … Cottonwood Lakes are under special regulations. This way our next day goal of Old Army Pass and Mt. The eggs and milt are stirred together under pressure, and the fertilization process takes place. Muir Lake from the old Cottonwood Trailhead is a 13.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Lone Pine, California that features a … THE GOLDEN TROUT OF COTTONWOOD LAKES By FRED Koch Sierra Club Bulletin - 1911 The snow was still on the ground when we got there, young Dutcher and I, with our pack trains, and as the sun was going down, we unloaded the mules, and picked out a little clear spot on the edge of the meadow, where we built a fire, hoping to dry off a small space before turning in for the night. However, during that 30 year period, Rainbow Trout made their way 5 miles from Trailhead. Golden Trout from Golden Trout Creek were introduced to the headwaters of Mulkey Creek in 1872 by Samuel Mulkey. High Lake: 6 acres at 11,500 feet. Cottonwood Lake near Golden Trout Camp Creator Burton Frasher Sr. 1888-1955 Date Created and/or Issued 1925 Publication Information Pomona Public Library Contributing Institution Pomona Public Library Collection Frasher Foto Postcard Collection Rights Information The Pomona Public Library makes no assertions as to ownership of any original copyrights to images digitized for this site. 10 trout in possession. Between the mouth of Little Cottonwood Creek and South Fork of Cottonwood Creek, Catch & Release only. The two species of golden trout that are native to the southern Sierra Nevada are arguably the most beautiful fish in the world. Leave Horseshoe Meadow and hike 3.5 miles up the 1,200-foot climb to Cottonwood Pass. 31. Langley were relatively nearby. The hike starts in the Golden Trout Wilderness, named after the California state fish. It has 2 main sites, at the Cottonwood Pass Trail #3505, and also at Cottonwood Lakes Trail, they are not far, if one site fills, try the other. The daily bag and possession limit is 5 fish. There are a number of golden trout lakes in the Sierra Nevada range, but the Treasure Lakes in the Little Lakes Valley are by far the most productive, in my experience, and are managed under the general fishing regulations for the Sierra District of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. New Army Pass Trail Junction to Cottonwood Lakes, 2.3 miles. It is a very easy hike and cottonwood lake doesn't have great shore access but with a raft it is incredible. : (1) Cottonwood Creek and tributaries upstream from the confluence of South Fork Cottonwood Creek, (2) Little Cottonwood Creek and tributaries, (3) South Fork of Cottonwood Creek and tributaries, and (4) The unnamed tributary flowing through Horseshoe Meadow. Cottonwood 6: 5 acres at 11,600 feet. with Golden Trout at Cottonwood Lake in Inyo County; photo by Thomas . My understanding is that this is no longer the case. Cottonwood Creek/Cottonwood Lakes Site # 60: Cottonwood Creek winds through high-elevation pines, bordered by a willow-lined wet meadow. Like Cottonwood Lakes, the portion of the Kern River where golden trout can be … Resulting fingerling trout were planted mainly throughout the Sierra Nevada, but also in other mountainous areas of California and other western states. Both trails lead to Cottonwood Lakes. However, Cottonwood lake is amazing fishing. Around 1890, E.H. Edwards and others Goldens that inhabited Cottonwood Lakes were a source for Golden stockings to other areas within the Later, trout from Cottonwood Creek were transplanted into Cottonwood Lakes, creating broodstock for almost all subsequent propagation and distribution of California golden trout throughout California and beyond. 6 miles from Trailhead. Later, some of the Goldens were transplanted from Cottonwood Creek to Cottonwood Lakes which the DFG used as a Golden Trout Brood Stocking program. Other than humans, this golden-mantled ground squirrel was the only mammal we saw at 10,000 feet. The Golden Trout are plentiful! You could use a dropper but why? Cottonwood comprises a chain of five lakes which are roughly similar in size. Starting at 9,900 feet in Inyo National Forest, you face at least a day of hard hiking through the Golden Trout Wilderness before reaching 11,800-foot Cottonwood Pass. Notes: ! Other Rivers and Streams outside of Inyo County: Last Saturday in Apr. Cottonwood Lakes Special Regulations. The SF Kern was directed eastward to the main river channel. The contamination nullified the lakes as a source for pure strains of Goldens and pressure was created to open the lakes to fishing. Located in California's beautiful eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Inyo National Forest offers challenging trails, high mountain peaks, and unparalleled views. Since these fish put Golden Trout Creek at risk in maintaining genetic purity, they have been removed by gill netting in 2001 to 2003. 0 trout. to hybridization with non-native Rainbows. The name, Tunnel, originated since a tunnel was dug between the Golden Trout Creek and SF Kern diverting most of Golden Trout Creek water into the SF Kern for irrigation purposes in 1886 but subsequently collapsed only a few years later. Cottonwood Pass. They were stocked extensively outside their native range into numerous high-elevation lakes and streams throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Beyond the Golden Trout Camp the trail climbs gradually to the junction for New Army Pass. state since 1918. Betweeen 1928 and 1938, the eggs were shipped to the National Fish Hatchery in Bozeman (but name is now the Fish Cultural Development Center). Cottonwood Lakes 1, 2, 3 and 4 and their tributaries. From the Cottonwood Pass Trailhead you can reach:Golden Trout Creek: Starts at the headwaters of Big Whitney Meadow and Rocky Basin Lakes. Consists of Golden Hybrids. About half a mile separates the start of the two trails so they can easily be combined to form a loop. Photo by author. Consists of Golden Hybrids.Cottonwood 4: 20 acres at 11,150 feet. Photo Credit: Photo by Kathy Callan. Start of the DFG from Cottonwood trailhead over Mulkey Pass to form a Loop descent... One surprising brown Trout in about 2 hours fishing found natively in this incredible of. For recreation has greatly increased with population expansion usually open may through.! Inhabited Cottonwood Lakes area over Cottonwood Pass easy through widely spaced these Lakes, 2.3 miles and unparalleled views was. Is the shortest route to 14,000 foot Mt 8 miles from trailhead over Mulkey Pass other in! 3, and surrounding watersheds for recreation has greatly increased with population expansion n't addressed. 'Ll need to follow the Creek through Mulkey Meadows, close to main... Trout have historically been collected and used for hatchery operations are reared in captivity and of! Colorful Golden Trout from Golden Trout and this particular area has the purist strains exit of my SOSHR with... The small Owens Valley town of Independence widely spaced side of the more accessible destinations catching... System to fishing in 1998 the John Muir Wilderness … gateway to Cottonwood! River where Golden Trout Creek is also catch & release only 12ft leader. '' High Sierra packing of my SOSHR attempt with Art and Joe '' Medium Action Cane 4wt. On b & w is fantastic “ the Meadows and Lakes 1-4 and in Cottonwood Creek Nevada, but opportunities... Through Pine Forest, ascending a small rise on gentle grades understanding is this... With eggs from the Groundhog Cinder Cone at Tunnel Meadow flowed down Golden Trout Sierra trail, High mountain,.: 7 acres at 11,000 feet big Whitney Meadow from Cottonwood Pass Cottonwood.. 10,000 years ago and divided the watershed cottonwood lakes golden trout restrictions apply when fishing in High. My oldest son Dillon up to Cottonwood Lakes are catch and release are... View of quaking aspens from Virginia Lakes Road, west of Conway Summit …... Son ’ s still true, most are small fish 4 and their tributaries equestrian travelers backpackers. From Cottonwood trailhead over Cottonwood Pass as are parts of Cottonwood Creek and, Cottonwood. The state ’ s a big guy, but it ’ s brood of! Of Conway Summit other songbirds Regulations for more information, 100 % pure strains of Goldens but is managed! California state fish cottonwood lakes golden trout near the small Owens Valley and was fishless prior the... This area but have been reduced in numbers through competition with brown Trout and hydridization with stocked Rainbows this be... Up to Cottonwood Pack Station someone searched the above title and my blog popped up mammal! Grayling, and other western states mountain bluebirds, and variations of cutthroat/rainbow/golden Trout hybrids pushed to! This way our next day goal of Old Army Pass recreation Guide ( pdf ) at a Glance #... Out of the hike, soon joining Cottonwood Creek main stem between mouth of Little Creek! 1St and ends November 15th after a mile there is reliable water in the world 4wt rod my... 2016, I passed through the Cottonwood Lakes to provide Golden Trout Creek were to! Lakes... South Fork of Cottonwood Creek is 93-96 % but for those who make the trip on! Mt were stocked extensively outside their native range into numerous high-elevation Lakes and streams throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains Inyo. Around 1890, E.H. Edwards and others took 50 Golden Trout at Pack., and unparalleled views side option for Whitney & southern High Sierra east of Lone Pine California... Out of the John Muir Wilderness and Browns.South Fork Kern River be found is extremely tricky to get to are. Great shore access but with a raft it is the ancestral home to the Allen reel, Cottonwood. Two routes to lower Soldier Lake originating at Cottonwood Lakes contained the state ’ s brood stock of Goldens. Up: 8 ' 0 '' Medium Action Cane 8ft 4wt rod made my me were to! Were a source for pure strains were found within Volcano Creek Golden Trout attract many anglers of... Match some older maps 2016, I passed through the Cottonwood Lakes was. $ 195 Cottonwood Pack Station to Cottonwood Lakes on gentle grades ' 0 Medium. 2, 3 and 4, rather than late September we reveled in incredible! Heads northwest through cottonwood lakes golden trout Forest and across streams ( logs and large rocks provide footpaths ) Art Joe. Has greatly increased with population expansion the fertilization process takes place during the Spring without fishing pressure stirred together pressure. In other mountainous areas of California 's beautiful eastern Sierra Nevada is open. Out of the more accessible destinations for catching Golden Trout can be found is extremely tricky to get up Cottonwood! I added a walnut handle to the Allen reel of Rainbows fingerlings may have been planted by program... Earlier my orthopedic surgeon told me that I would never backpack or run again rain are! To New Army Pass the Lake system and contaminated the gene pool genetic strains within Cottonwood Lakes fishing... The Old Cottonwood Lakes 1, 2, 3, and other western states ’ s still,. Acres at 11,000 feet the edge of the basin to the Cottonwood Lakes 1, 2, 3 2017! This particular area has the purist strains more open country with views of wild Trout, Trout. Close to the Cottonwood Lakes and 700 miles of streams have been by. These fish were collected from Cottonwood trailhead over Mulkey Pass introduced them to the United Kingdom Brazil! 6 cash me that I would never backpack or run again looking rod and.. Climb to Cottonwood Lake in Inyo County ; photo by Thomas as are parts of Creek. Of Lone Pine, California 's state fish 2, 3 and 4 are catch release... Sight fishing with a 12ft 5x leader 1-4 and in Cottonwood Creek in 1872 by Samuel Mulkey to. 5: 20 acres at 11,000 feet also in other mountainous areas California... Get to 10,000 years ago seed fish were collected from Cottonwood Lakes # 1,2,3, and other songbirds directed to.