Plumeria are milky sap plants and consists of a lot of species and all belong to Apocynaceae family. Plumeria Pudica are very easy to grow, and bloom heavily for a long time. It contains primarily deciduous shrubs and small trees. The branches and stems are thin for a Plumeria, weak and tend to break in high winds. Though without much fragrance, the floral display in contrast with the glossy, and totally unusual, yet beautiful leaves is worth making room in any garden for this unique species of plumeria. Bridal bouquet is a semi-evergreen small tree native to Columbia, Venezuela and Curaçao. Plumeria Pudica. Plumeria (/ p l uː ˈ m ɛ r i ə /; common name plumeria or frangipani) is a genus of flowering plants in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae. It features deep green foliage and iridescent white non-perfumed flowers. It blooms profusely and has a shrub-like appearance which makes it suitable for hedges etc. This beauty has unique evergreen, spoon-shaped leaves, and, big bouquets of snow white flowers–like a bridal bouquet. Like Plumeria Obtusa, they can be evergreen in warmer locations. They are very easy to grow and bloom most of the year. The plumeria business, which started as a hobby in 1973 , has become known today as Jim Little Nursery & Farms. PLUMERIA pudica. It is a shrub which usually has one or two slender trunks that branch close to the ground forming a dense slightly spreading crown. Botanical Name: Plumeria Pudica Availability: In Stock . Plumeria, also known as Frangipani or Hawaiian lei flower, is an exotic tropical plant that is easy to grow. This is the only Plumeria that is … Plumeria pudica (Everlasting Love Frangipani) - Plumeria pudica is a very fast growing evergreen frangipani. Frangipani is well-known for its intensely fragrant, lovely, spiral-shaped blooms which appear at branch tips June through November. The genus consists of mainly deciduous shrubs and trees. Plumeria require at least 6 to 8 hours of sun to produce blooms. #4: Plumeria (Plumeria pudica) @Dutchlady1 says, "This almost evergreen variety (except in unusually cold winters) is fast becoming a favorite landscape plant in our area. or as accent plants. How to take care of your Plumeria / Frangipani. Can be pruned to keep a desired shape. Plant Common Name. Wild Plumeria an evergreen species of Plumeria native to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. Plumeria (common name Frangipani) is a small genus of 7-8 species native to tropical and subtropical Americas. High quality plumeria trees growing on vast acreage overlooking the blue Pacific on the North Shore of Oahu, a reputation for excellence soon emerged. Bridal Bouquet, White Frangipani. Plumeria pudica is perhaps the best Plumeria available today. We noted only a light fragrance for this species. The various species differently in their leaf shape and arrangement and also color of their flowers. General Description. Description. Plumeria pudica is a species of the genus Plumeria (Apocynaceae), native to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela.This profuse bloomer has unusual spoon-shaped leaves, and its flowers are white with a … It flowers throughout spring & summer with a very long flowering season. The multiple stems form close to the ground and have an upright shape. There are many common names … Plumeria Pudica leaves are dark green and a unique spoon shape (long and thin, and then widen out towards the tip, like the shape of a soup spoon). This Plumeria requires a lot of direct sun and drier conditions most of the year. Leaves are dark green and unique fiddle … For example Plumeria Pudica, Plumeria Alba, Plumeria Obtusa and so on. It can be easily maintained as a small tree grown in a container on the patio or in the garden.