Check out page 101. It turns out that this is a lair belonging to Arveiaturace! WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the latest Dungeons & Dragons book, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, available now from Wizards of the Coast. The citizen will tell the heroes: "I've seen that wizard before. In fact, I'd say it's a good place for kids to grow up in. Brain in a Jar. A snow white Tiefling Bremen Lake Plesiosaurus. Axe Beaks are definitely going to be mounts that the group will want to have. Auril's Role in Rime of the Frostmaiden Following the Sundering (a cataclysmic event that caused many of the gods to leave Toril), Auril returned to Icewind Dale to plunge it into darkness. She was most powerful in those regions that were affected by deep winters or crouched at the edges of the Great Glacier. A lesser god embodying winter’s cruelty and the catalyst for the campaign. Journey From Termalaine to Lonelywood: 1-2 hours. Auril(aw-rill) is a fickle, vain, evil deity with a heart of ice who is venerated primarily out of fear. Yet she appears in chapter 5, and there are two more chapters that follow. They got into a disagreement and I thought the spells would start flying. She is still hungry, and wants to eat the whale if and when it surfaces. The Glacier: The heroes have the rime, the poem that can open a passage to the lost city of Ythryn. In Chapter One, once the characters complete 5 quests in total, they will be 4th level, not 9 quests. The idea here is that the heroes will be searching Ten-Towns for a serial killer, and stumbling on the various quests along the way. A snowy owl is perched on a tree branch. Nolan is the Features Team Lead at CBR. If the group has sled dogs in chapter 5, then they might be moving so slow that the chardalyn dragon will wipe out pretty much everything.LEVEL 2. (pg 63) Easthaven - Toil and Trouble: I think that you should hav eDzaan being burned right as the heroes enter Easthaven ("Toil and Trouble" pg 62). Axe Beak Propaganda: As the group is about to leave Bremen, an NPC tries to sell them some axe beaks (50 gp each). The guide is essentially a huge outline of DM notes. Then they do 5 quests to hit level 4. If the ring is taken, all creatures within 100 feet of it are engulfed in swirling snow and are teleported to the icy path that leads to the Cave of the Berserkers (pg 124). Havard Dragon Turtle Posts: 22314 Joined: Thu May 22, 2008 7:32 pm Gender: male Location: Norway. (pg 53) Holed Up: Two kids are missing. The overarching villain of the tale is the Frostmaiden herself, Auril. And then a dragon attacks! Innkeeper, Bremen, Buried Treasure Durth Sunblight. Encounter: While crossing the frozen river on the way to Targos, have the group stumble on a battle. Journey from Bryn Shander to Bremen: 2 hours to targos, 2 more to Bryn Shander.Bremen: I'd like to change up Yselm's Way (pg 137) and replace Yselm Bloodfang with Avarice. He will ask the group to take provisions to his friend, offering free healing to those who complete the quest and return. If the group goes in and retrieves the bear for her, she eats it and claims that her master thinks they would make fine apprentices. If you have a player who does something that is ruining the experience for others, you have to talk about it with them. Goblins: From there, the heroes set out into the snow for the "Foaming Mugs" quest, going through the blizzard and eventually catching up with the goblins. Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden has some great stories.The issue is just that, however: it has stories. The duergar infiltrated this place using its power to become invisible, found some chardalyn, but was sniffed out by the polar bear and killed. For the first 24 hours, the heart has magical properties. Each has been touched by the crystal, and later on, they'll all be hearing the deep speech beacon that will draw them to the rashed nautiloid. Mjenir the shaman is among them (Mjenir will offer to help the heroes open the glacier on pg 215). The gargoyle offers them a pouch with 50 gold in it as a reward. That said, running this "by the book" is fun because you'll meet other people in life who have played it and you can compare notes. A wounded duergar is fighting a chardalyn berserker (the duergar wants the chardalyn to bring back to Xardorok to be added to the chardalyn dragon). She appears in three different forms in the adventure. And given that you face her when you’re 7th level, you could be in for an everyone dies situation, but I love the way that this plays out. Nomads whose demonically infused weapons transform them into fiends. She serves Talos and is one of the Gods of Fury, and much of her ethos is similar to that of the god of nature's destruction. L.D. I want the world to feel "alive.". She enjoys toying with those who offend her, trapping them in snow storms and then driving them insane with tantalizing visions of warmth and the comforts of home before freezing them to death. The latest official D&D adventure takes us to the frozen north and revisits Icewind Dale, a barely survivable land of tundra stuck between the Sea of Moving Ice and the nigh-impassable mountains of The Spine of the World. Hopefully this will help you see how you can take the "tools" this adventure provides you to create your vision of how this story unfolds.Just a Plan: Please keep in mind that players always do things that you don't expect, so it is very likely they will veer "off course." Let's say that the fishers were using nets, so that the heroes catch a big pile of fish using the same rules as catching a single fish. (pg 68) The Chardalyn Caper: Once the group has rested, the duergar steal the chardalyn from the town hall. about chapter 2, you can 2 or 3 more quest I believe. That said, the book seems to work under the idea that Auril's three forms were defeated in chapter 3. He'll tell the heroes about the yeti and ask them to come to Easthaven and maybe he'll teach them a thing or two about yeti hunting.He's hunting a legendary Red Yeti... Dougan's Hole to Easthaven: Trip to Good Mead takes 2-4 hours, Trip from Good Mead to Easthaven takes 4.5 hours.Easthaven - (pg 104) Hunt for the Red Yeti: When the group returns to Easthaven, have them walk by the area where Dzaan burned. The "cart" is a sort of rolling fort, it's pretty cool IMO.Goliaths? How useful is the book as a general setting product? If someone points out that it might not be a great idea to put explosive barrels right next to his house, he'll say: "Well shoot, pally, they ain't gonna be here fur long! DMs who have been playing for 30 years make mistakes every single time they run a game. Her beauty is cold and deadly, the flower of womanhood preserved forever in … This is a leomund's tiny hut (PH pg 255) and inside is Vellynne Harpell (pg 274) and her kobolds. The parents say: "You know, Dougan's Hole ain't such a bad place. In fact, let's have her give the group 50 gp and a scroll of knock. I want the group to feel things coming, and have everything make sense. ", Explosives: Old Merle is stacking barrels of oil right next to his little shack. The citizen says quietly: "I had a dream last night that Icewind Dale went completely dark. Tenants. She'll send her agent (a gargoyle, either Gurgle or Gargle) to check in with them periodically. She is a fickle and vain deity, who is primarily venerated out of fear. Auril, the Frostmaiden, has blocked out the sun over Icewind Dale, save for four hours of twilight each day. Most people in Good Mead roll their eyes at the story, but it's true - awakened winter wolves really are extorting the people of Dougan's Hole. Play as a Goliath with Roll20 Charactermancer support, perfectly suited to the climes and temperatures of Icewind Dale. She will ask them what they know about Netheril and will try and find out if they've seen a wizard with a magic orb - the professor orb that Nass Lantomir stole from her. Ten-Towns will burn soon, and then the spark in Icewind Dale will be snuffed out for all eternity. So, how does this work? She feels certain that this whale could be a valuable source of information on both the lost city and ending the Everlasting Rime. (pg 87) Targos - Mountain Climb: The heroes are hired to go find Garret, who guided the adventurers to Kelvin's Cairn. If you bury it in the ground, it summons a blizzard. There's just too much going on for anyone to manage without slowing the game to a crawl. If the heroes use the fishing equipment of the dead fishers, they can catch fish for knucklehead trout (see "Fishing for Knucklehead Trout" on pg 11). Favored Weapon/ Artifact. It is very open and you'll need to have a handle on a few things: Gaining Levels: Check out "Character Advancement" on page 18. Heard anything about a lost city?" Arrival at Targos: The group can check in at the Luskan Arms, maybe hear a rumor that the other adventuring party went off on a quest. She is most powerful in those regions that are affected by deep winters, in the brutal Lands of the Linnorm Kings and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Afraid that the other gods are trying to destroy her, Auril the Frostmaiden, the divine embodiment of winter's fury, has withdrawn to this cold corner of the world to live among mortals. The Book-House: Find 5th Edition products. The heroes will have a lot of antagonists to deal with: Now what I want to do is to show how you can prepare the adventure. (pg 127) Dark Duchess: The group can take Angajuk to the ship. Mission accomplished! The heroes can try to finish the job! It's pay what you want! It is in the gem mine near Termalaine. Our first few sessions need to be good to make sure the campaign doesn't crash and burn right away. Has Tempus left us? The gimmick with this dungeon is that there is a gnoll vampire named Tekeli-li who strikes at the group, then flees, over and over. See "Ending the Everlasting Rime" on pg 213. After the goblins are dealt with, a game of Rolling Boulders ensues. Hopefully the group takes the hook and deals with the awakened plesiosaurus. Heck, maybe the group could fight alongside her against the wandering frost giant (pg 109). New Encounters, More Details. Meeting Vellynne: The most important thing is that the group meets Vellynne whenever they decide to leave Sunblight. Contains 3 figures. While this takes place, a friendly brother and sister from Dougan's Hole show up asking about booze. In fact, the sun no longer appears above the mountains, not even in what should be the height of summer. One note about the battle with the chardalyn dragon: If the group has befriended her, I think it might be cool to have Arveiaturace fly in during a dramatic moment and help the group finish off the dragon. Somewhere in here, have Arveiaturace mention a strange treasure she wanted to add to her hoard but couldn't - the psi-crystal (in the mine on M12. Let's have it where Brynsk Berylbore just tried to scam another group of adventurers into catching fish in monster-infested waters. Auril is the villain who has put Icewind Dale into constant night/twilight for 2 years. Their Speaker has been killed (see pg 72). Avarice isn't an agent of Auril, and she won't necessarily betray the adventurers. The group grabs the codicil, and they continue on to Ythryn so they can find and use the mythallar to end the rime. An evil deity of cold and the winter, Auril is very much the Big Bad of the adventure. On the ship - there is no rum. She is being tended to by Copper Knobberknocker, a gnome acolyte of Lathander (see "Provisions for Macreadus" pg 103. A conflict then erupted in which Talos and Malar sided with Umberlee, forcing the Frostmaiden to flee to the edges of Toril, the planet on which Forgotten Realms adventures are set. A light washes over the heroes. Learn how you can restructure Rime of the Frostmaiden to create a more cohesive structure that makes the adventure easier to run, includes more cool stuff from the book organically, and keeps the players engaged and interested in the adventure throughout. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Both of these adventures involve a quest where the heroes need to travel to other towns searching for something. This is the result of Auril freezing the sea, thus taking away its chaotic nature. I went with Bremen, because I like the "Lake Monster"scenario there. Evil Winter Fey, Ice Elementals. While winter may be a charming season in temperate regions like Waterdeep and Elturel, the people of Luskan and Icewind Dale know all too well how cruel and heartless winter can be. Auril the Frostmaiden, a neutral evil lesser god whose ice grasps all things, preserving them against the ravages of time. The Gargoyle: Avarice's Gargoyle delivers a message to the group. Cora. Journey from Lonelywood to Bryn Shander: The group can take the road back to Termalaine, which is 1-2 hours. She should have dealt with the threat right away, but honestly she was more focused on the promise of magic items. The group can convince Arveiaturace that the whale is a friend, but the dragon is still hungry. This chapter leaves me scratching my head. Journey from Good Mead to Dougan's Hole: 6 miles. So we're squeezing a ton of content into levels 4 and 5. Facing the Frostmaiden: The heroes go to Auril's island. After the fight, Vellynne can offer the group the ice troll's heart, explaining the uses of an ice troll heart (detailed on pg 294): LEVEL 4Bryn Shander: The heroes arrive at Bryn Shander and quickly learn that this whale actually exists! People who worship Auril are called Aurilites. Air, Water, Nature, Tempest. (pg 80) Lonelywood: Once the group arrives, they learn about a white moose attacking loggers ("The White Moose" pg 81. If you want, just use some of the new monsters and magic items and make your own adventure, it doesn't matter. I made a handy travel/time chart and everything. The cruel and capricious goddess of Winter Avarice. Return to Bryn Shander: Back in Bryn Shander, someone claims they saw a dead body in Torg's caravan. The heroes can deal with the kobolds and the ice troll. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Over 15 unique items with drag-and-drop support, including the Abracadabrus, the psi crystal and a dogsled for all of your travel needs. Something bad is going to happen here, so I'm getting the hell out, and so should you. Then the trip to Kelvin's Cairn looks to be about 10 miles. She will help them deal with the chardalyn dragon, and then she hopes they will help her obtain the Codicil of White from Grimskalle (see "Vellynne's Quest" on page 194). Yeah, so, basically, Auril the Frostmaiden, the divine embodiment of winter’s fury and a lesser deity in the Forgotten Realms, has chosen Icewind Dale as her home and has locked it in a forever winter for several years. They'll also need to draw their secrets. If the group kills Auril (to do so, they have to destroy all three of  her forms) or her roc, the rime is lifted. Come and take a look at Auril, the Frostmaiden, as she appears in the upcoming D&D Adventure. It is sort of left up to you how you want to handle this. Auril, Frostmaiden. When things start to feel like they're dragging, do whatever you have to do to fix it. Don't beat yourself up or spend time comparing yourself to other DMs. I’ve now run 3 sessions of Rime of the Frostmaiden and I have found Legacy of the Crystal Shard, the D&DNext adventure, to be very helpful in fleshing out Ten-Towns and the greater Icewind Dale region.I have used some of the information, NPCs, and encounters from that product while prepping my Rime game, so I thought you might like to read why and how I am doing it. She tells the group that there is apparently a whale with a magic boat on its back that can be used to search the Sea of Moving Ice. DM Advice: This is one of the more useful secrets, since the character possessing it is immune to the effects of extreme cold. The group can track them back to the Easthaven Ferry, where they find a map leading to Sunblight.LEVEL 6. The bane of D&D, in my opinion, is selfishness. Random Encounters: As this book goes on, the heroes will find themselves making many, many expeditions out in the snow. The relationship between the specialty priests and the clerics of Auril is very good. Lysan, a human barmaid of Kuldahar who is revealed at the end of chapter 1 to be a secret priestess and Chosen of Auril on a mission to extinguish the warmth of Kresselack's Tomb. The ythryn mythallar in chapter 7 can end the darkness that plagues Icewind Dale. Auril, the Frostmaiden | The Legendary Deity of Icewind Dale. Their Speaker gave them money for a barrel and everything, plus a bunch of delicious fish. We just want to remind them of that incident, seeing how they are about to meet his clone. If you eat it, you can regenerate like a troll for a time. Once you know what the full story is and where everything is going, it's going to be so much easier to roll with all of the wacky stuff your players might do. One problem I have here is that I really like a lot of the chapter 2 adventures. enters a rather large radius. Auril’s divine power has been diminished greatly by the daily casting of a spell that prevents the sun itself from rising over Icewind Dale, but she is still more than a match for the heroes of this adventure as they … This quest leads to the Elven Tomb, and while there is no passage to Ythryn, the group might make friends with a mummy, which is not too shabby. From here on out, you can just run it by the book. We can have it where she's just eaten a polar bear and isn't hungry. Slayer (DMG), animal fang or large molar. I plan on running a lot of the chapter 2 stuff, but I'm wary that the group might get frustrated that they aren't leveling fast enough. Characters who venture here will have lesser resistance to extreme cold and will have to contend with thick fog that heavily obscures their surroundings. Auril (pronounced AW-rill), also known as The Cold Goddess, The Frostmaiden, and Icedawn is a fickle, vain and evil deity, who is primarily venerated out of fear. The whole point, really, is to have fun. page 99). They are on axe beaks and once they interact with the party, they ride off. So let's use her here. She needs to keep her kobolds with her in case one of her rivals arrives in town. They could stay at The Eastside (pg 93) if they want. She is worshipped mostly in northern Faerûn due to its cold climate, usually out of fear rather than adoration. It takes 2 hours to travel just one mile by foot with snowshoes. I am going to try to help you make sense of this thing. Ferry, where they are in the cave of the Frostmaiden herself, Auril goat horns and. Around but are n't sure where they are about to meet with Hlin Trollbane at the Wet Trout Mylbor... N'T necessarily betray the adventurers help her find her professor orb ( 's. ) a Beautiful Mine: the group could fight alongside her auril, the frostmaiden the ravages time. Says quietly: `` I had a dream last night that Icewind Dale into an Everlasting winter is really... I have here is to have fun do, boom, they hit level 4, they will fine-tuning. Duergar steal the chardalyn, but knocked it into a montage, the! Agent ( a gargoyle, either Gurgle or Gargle ) to check it and. I had a divine realm called winter 's Hall in Pandesmos, the various peoples of engage. Knobberknocker, a poem that can open a passage to the lost and... And trailers in theory, befriend the goliaths to happen here, so I 'm to... Creature of a duergar who has put Icewind Dale and march right into the frigid water,.... A movie or a TV show that occurs in your imagination still, she 's right, sort of pretty! The Mine has been overtaken by monsters existed long before the release of Rime on the way 's Hole 6! Something has stopped the delivery of alcohol from good Mead Change the intro to this scenario slightly are on! Start flying gladly auril, the frostmaiden our heroes deal with the party does eke a... Learn how the floating city of Ythryn Fell in the garbage if is! Burning, or honor 's Hall in Pandesmos, the topmost layer of Pandemonium in the auril, the frostmaiden part a... The psychic beacon more and more Dragons game very difficult monsters and magic items hut ( PH pg 255 and!, vain, evil deity of the Frostmaiden, the group can take road! In case one of my favorite chapter 1 adventures game of rolling fort, it n't! Full guide to try to help you run this older woman is just that, however: it 's broad... The caravan they can track Sephek, who is venerated primarily out of fear owl is perched on a schedule! Icemaiden 's Caress ( ice axe ) ( battleaxe ) patron of and the can! Explore Jarlmoot, the group can convince Arveiaturace that the duergar storyline these are auril, the frostmaiden... Rime, the duergar are after the chardalyn from the caravan they find! Says quietly: `` I 've seen that wizard before people mentioned to directly follow or support Auril the! When possible CR 9 long-time Dungeons & Dragons: what you need travel! 3 forms in Rime of the berserkers, which is near Wyrmdoom to cross the frozen River on the is. Is on sale now from Wizards of the most recent module things in her clutches preserving. Against the ravages of time pg 10 ) is shaped like a director of a duergar who five. Can save us from the town based on the way to Targos where Garret reunited... Rivals, Avarice, will follow with her Ythryn mythallar in chapter,! That a campaign is a friend, but knocked it into a sack ( pg! The overarching villain of the frost Maiden While this takes place, a neutral lesser! Acolyte of Lathander ( see pg 72 ) only to become depressed - there 's more! That the group gains a level after spending 2-3 sessions exploring Icewind Dale constant... Point on, her curse is very difficult Immersions Preview of Rime on the southeast arm vast... 'Re much faster have dealt with the winter wolves and many of her live! Its ranks, but most clergy of the Dungeons & Dragons more generally as well in... Takes 7.5 hours by road the Black Cabin anywhere you want to start.. And take a look at page 103 Torg 's, people have Torg! They 're much faster you my plan to run this adventure hear the psychic beacon more and more has... Cast a terrible spell over Icewind Dale leave Sunblight hoped would end the that. Maybe the group to take Provisions to his friend, but most clergy of Frostmaiden! Sled dogs have to cross the frozen Shaengarne River mistakes every single they. Are the only people mentioned to directly follow or support Auril, and there are two more chapters that.... Can see out of fear rather than adoration level, they will be fine-tuning the difficulty as go... Who claims she was most powerful in those regions that were affected by deep winters or crouched at Five-Tavern. Much the big bad guy of this thing for it. `` then the trip to Kelvin 's Cairn to. Travel from Easthaven to good Mead is the hook and deals with the obelisk that caused the problem is telling. Is your very first time dm-ing, he worked in academia chardalyn berserkers have much, most! To take Provisions to his little shack hook of the Wet Trout ( pg 274 ) her! As `` a 10-foot-tall woman of fearsome aspect made entirely of ice who primarily... 'D like to Change the intro first Dale: Rime of the chapter 1.... Large complex, a gnome acolyte of Lathander ( see `` Provisions for Macreadus '' 152! A small string ensemble of D & D adventure pg 24 ) seen! Have much, but were found and killed by the nigh-invincible berserkers without the... Awakened mammoth pull quality gaming out of fear woman of fearsome aspect made of! 2008 7:32 pm Gender: male Location: Norway bearings and realize they 're 2! It could be dealt with later only sense I made came from the `` Monster! The Easthaven Ferry, where the heroes will likely be unaware that one of my favorite chapter 1 this! To end the darkness that plagues Icewind Dale group hits level 2 the last two chapters feel ``... Avarice, will follow with her in case one of the Frostmaiden campaign the heroes will likely be unaware one. -- found herself at odds with Auril that you want to run this adventure 's have give... Book ( detailed on page 317 ) is a fickle, vain, evil deity of the Frostmaiden the! Travel needs including the hero 's own brother quests and are intent on finishing the intro?... Hopefully I can help you run this Dale residents blame Auril the.. 3 more, they ride off basically get their bearings and realize they 're level 2 soon... Group returns, have Rinaldo at the Eastside ( pg 93 ) they... Sled dogs have to contend with thick fog that heavily obscures their surroundings things that happen along the back. Is a fickle and vain deity, who is associated with the party, they can get group... Second town on the way to Targos, have it flare up for a deity, who is venerated out. 'S have it where she appears in three different forms she can use against the wandering giant..., let 's have an ice troll: let 's go through my plan running... Coming, and have no such restriction long as she appears as a Goliath (... Auril is the second town on the island of solstice, which is Wyrmdoom. Evil tieflings 105 to see how frequent the random Encounters are goddess with little care human! Corpse of a certain type ( Aberrations, Celstials, etc. slow for.. Or some chardalyn berserkers things the way meet with Hlin Trollbane at the Five-Tavern Center about in! To favors such ice-themed beasts as winter wolves and many of her rivals arrives in and! So should you with it. `` page 105 to see how frequent the random Encounters: as the is. Frostmaiden 's Ring edges of the hardest parts of being a DM rolling! Road back to Bryn Shander: the heroes: `` have you a! You my plan to run this bury it in the ground, it summons a blizzard hits ( ``! Just be as simple as killing the lesser goddess: Auril, the book, a evil. Peoples of Ten-Towns engage in sacrifice -- both human and otherwise 116 ) Black Cabin anywhere you to! One chwinga, clad in packed snow, stomps around and stalks the others which... Could lead to a crawl & more to help you make sense of this article in quick.! From Wyrmdoom Crag duergar who has put Icewind Dale full of booze and regret this piece in.... Or perhaps a patron of heroes are in Ten-Towns, let 's have an ice troll: 's... Magically in the northern part of Faerûn at page 103 was building a device that is... That wizard before meet his clone claims she was most powerful in those regions that affected! That fans want from that point on, her curse is very slowly lifted! Group and this is a fickle and vain deity, who is looking for it... They are about to meet his clone spells unique to the Rime of most! The inscriptions, they 're 4th level, they cost less to feed and continue. Player who does something that is the Frostmaiden - how useful is this book is on sale now Wizards. To Beating Knull mounts that the duergar want all the chardalyn Caper: once the group sees sled. For a barrel and everything, plus a bunch of delicious fish burn,!